Investors and Farmers Investors & Farmers Venture Account, investing for income and food Security. One of our key priorities is to increase the intake of nutrient rich Foods. READ MORE AGRICULTURAL INCLUSION AGRICULTURAL INCLUSION For Global-National Social Food Security (GNSFS) And Improved Livelihoods. We bring all Sectors into farming, Agribusiness & Agroprocessing industry to increase Food Security. Through this approach, We are solving the problems (Time & Agri-experience) associated with urban residents, Working class and those in the diaspora. READ MORE Food Consuption We seek to increase Food Consumption Score of Households to meet their daily nutritional needs. READ MORE Agribanks Limited Collaboration By collaborating with governments, international development agencies, national actors, policy makers, local community, households, and individuals, we can produce enough that can match everyone's needs. READ MORE Feeding the World We're Contractors and agricultural investment Agency, investing for Global-national Social Security Food (GNSSF), feeding the world's population, and Developing Communities READ MORE

About Agribanks Limited

AGRIBANKS LTD mobilizes and provides affordable agricultural loans and financial advisory support to farmers. One of our priorities is to contribute to food security and the fight against poverty. Our target is to break barriers to affordable agriculture funding and ensure food security and sustainable income. We only deal with organized farmers in groups of not less than 3 individuals. At AGRIBANKS, we believe in teamwork and partnership arrangements to attain our objectives.

Join us on our mission to support communities in the fight against food insecurity and poverty.

 Our operations are constructed upon three objectives:

  1. To mobilize and provide affordable agricultural loans and financial advisory support to farmers.
  2. To increase food security and sustainable income, promote nutrition, and save lives.
  3. To take on project contracts.
Corporate Social Responsibility- CSR

At AGRIBANKS we integrate social and environmental concerns at all levels of our operations and interactions with the community and stakeholders. Some of our CSR activities include:

  1. sensitize the community about their nutritional needs.
  2. climate action campaign to alleviate the climate crisis.

The United Nations reports that the current world population is 8 billion as of 15 November 2022 and this figure is expected to increase in the shortest time possible. Consequently, the demand for food will also continue to increase due to the ever-increasing world population. One of our main priorities is to contribute towards the elimination of poverty and hunger. This trend in population increases scares families and governments across the world. Therefore, when we say farming, we mean feeding the world’s population, generating sustainable income, and improving lives.

Our Philosophy

When we say investment opportunities; we mean, but not limited to commercial farming and agribusiness as a free enterprise, business, engineering, science, energy, technology, information, jobs, wealth, and health. We're a business enabler -a Special Service Vehicle for the socio-economic transformation.


To sensitize and train individuals of different categories such as the youth, working-class and other ...

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To help people from other sectors invest in the agricultural sector. Through our transparent system, ...

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AGRIBANKS Partners with different development organizations and individuals in the agricultural sector: To increase research ...

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To sensitive the farmers and give them stills of Modern Farming Methods that address the ...

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Public Awareness

We offer public awareness and train individuals, groups, youth, organizations, and other groups ...


To heavily invest in agriculture to achieve Global-national Social Food Security (GNSFS), and ...


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    For partnership, contact us. Let's hear your ideas. We seek to collaborate with individuals and organizations to eliminate hunger, and improve Household Food Consumption Score and daily nutrition needs. The partnerships arrangement will enable us to contribute towards achieving zero hunger-SDG 2. Together, we can produce enough that matches everyone's nutrient needs.

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