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Our Story

Originally, the idea was merely to produce food, but after entering a bigger market for our agricultural produce, we realized a vast and ready market, and the social and economic benefits of the industry encouraged us. We resolved to push our focus towards increasing the production of both food and cash crops in our community. To boost production, we started offering free agricultural advice to subsistence farmers and youth on how they can increase production.

Of course, we encountered some challenges both natural and man-made, but we were determined to make a difference. Yes, some people saw it as a minor cause, but we had a bigger vision to achieve. Since then, we have been helping people to get involved and reap from the agriculture sector. More importantly, due to the public outcry about poor skills for farmers, poor yields, food insecurity, and the increasing level of poverty, we decided to establish a company in the name of AGRIBANKS Ltd. We have significantly grown bigger to offer other unique services. Our target is to scale up internationally, impact people's lives, and serve as a food basket in the shortest time possible.

We have envisioned contributing to food security through the “Investment and Agricultural Inclusion Approach" (AIA), acting as a business enabler to allow organizations, and different groups of people including youth, working-class, urban residents, and people living in the diaspora to invest in farming. We anticipate that if the majority of the world’s population is directly or indirectly engaged in agriculture, we can produce enough food and cash crops to match everyone’s needs.

Agriculture can be defined as the practice and science of farming that covers animals and crop production. However, at AGRIBANKS Ltd, we say it’s beyond the term “farming,” it’s business, free enterprise, engineering, science, energy, technology, information, jobs, wealth, and healthy. We continuously offer public awareness and train individuals and groups to acquire skills and relevant knowledge about farming.

Our Motto

“Feeding & Developing Communities"


  • To increase food security and improve lives.
  • To attract people to invest in agriculture.


  • To establish a network of farmers, increase food security, eliminate hunger, and improve lives.

Core Values

We are, a committed agricultural contractor and investment company dedicated to increase food security, and the production of cash crops.
At AGRIBANKS Ltd, we understand that without you, we cannot exist. Therefore, we give the maximum respect and value everyone as we would love to receive in return
We are honest and hopeful people, and thus display the agreed and high level of integrity in our work.
We work-hard to empower our staff to make a great effort in achieving excellence, and seek for new innovations for improved work.
Every staff member plays an important role in the company, and he/she is obliged to contribute towards every achievement both at work and outside the workplace.
At AGRIBANKS Ltd, we take accountability for every action both at the workplace and in the community we serve. The work that we do reflects our Mission and Vision statement.
We understand that there are many challenges that tend to affect our business operations. Therefore, we are determined and shall not give-up.We shall work to overcome such challenges. We seek to maintain our commitment until we get sustainable solutions to food shortage and poverty in our community.
We believe in the services we offered to our clients and partners. With a number of experiences and expertise, we support everyone who knocks our door. We also believe in teamwork and a high standard of professionalism.

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    For partnership, contact us. Let's hear your ideas. We seek to collaborate with individuals and organizations to eliminate hunger, and improve Household Food Consumption Score and daily nutrition needs. The partnerships arrangement will enable us to contribute towards achieving zero hunger-SDG 2. Together, we can produce enough that matches everyone's nutrient needs.

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