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Agribanks Limited is your agricultural contractor and investment company established to increase food security and cash crops among families. We train different categories of people to gain skills in agriculture; we conduct agricultural research; we protect the environment and save lives; and we help different groups of people to invest with us in the agricultural industry.

Account-holder or a client is a person(s) or group(s) having an AGRICULTURAL INCLUSION-INVESTMENT PLAN investment account with the Company.

Agriculture is the practice and science of farming that covers animals and crop production. However, at Agribanks Ltd, when we say farming, we solely mean commercial farming, business, free enterprise, engineering, science, energy, technology, information, healthy, jobs, and wealth.

Farmer(s) Account means the Client’s Agricultural Inclusion-Investment Plan investment plan that is temporary with the Company.

Bank Account and Mobile money number means a mode of payment preferred by the account-holder(s)/ client(s) to receive funds.

Capital deposited means the account-holder(s)/ client’s Agricultural Inclusion-investment funds to invest in agriculture with the Company.

Percentage (%) rate means the profit earned at the end of the time-frame based on the account holder's capital deposited.

Timeframe means a single farming season or agreed time to release a client’s profits

Next of Kin means any person known to you, such as your children, brothers/sisters, wife/husband and parents.

Fees and Charges mean any fees levied after a service has been offered.

The following are the requirements to open an account: You must have money (a minimum of Ugx1 million or $275 US dollars and or a maximum of Ugx50 million or $13,750 US dollars) to invest with us in agriculture. Must provide his/her convenient mode of payment as stated in the application form. Must provide two (2) valid passport photos size and indicate full name at the back of them. You must provide a valid telephone number/ email, at the time of applying for any accounts. Must be of a sound mind (not sick or mad) Must provide next of kin and your current resident

Yes, for any inquiries, you are encouraged to call AGRIBANKS Limited via telephone, emails, and other Client (s) interaction line provided on their website.

We Offer: 35% on Investor(s) Account and maturity period of 12-14 months. 12% on Farmer(s) Account and maturity period of 6-7 months.

These are completely temporary account(s), whereby it can be terminated by a client or company at any time. However, a client may decide to make it a lifetime investment account with Agribanks Ltd.

Yes, you’re free to make any changes as shown below: You should notify us before three (3) months when you intend to withdraw or terminate your contract with us. You should notify us any time when you want to change your investment plan (from the farmer(s) to investor(s) account and vice versa). You should notify us any time when you want to increase your initial deposit You should notify us before one (1) month when you want to change your mode of payment You should notify us any time when you want to change your next of kin You should notify us any time when you want to change your telephone number.

Your account shall be credited or not credited under the following terms: We will transact, credit/ send your fund(s) to your preferred mode of payment provided, based on your investment plan, putting the percentage rate and timeframe you applied for into consideration. Your account(s) shall not be credited, not until the agreed timeframe is reached. Account(s) opened after a farming season shall not be credited under the following conditions: Farmer(s) Account shall not be credited when [the account] has been opened after one (1) month of any farming season; Investor(s) Account shall not be credited when [the account] has been opened after two (2) months of any farming season; and Investor(s) Mega Account shall not be credited when [the account] has been opened after three-four (3) months of any farming season as selected by the client(s) under section 2 of the application form. If the company incurs losses, the account-holder/Client(s) shall give us one (1) an extra month to settle the matter with our insurance company. Your account may not be credited when we experience any condition out of our control, including wars, terror, internal and external conflicts, and other events that may severely hinder or slow our operation in the country.

The farming seasons are: 1. February to December for Investor(s) Account 2. February to June; and June to December for Farmer(s) Account

Yes, all our agricultural activities are insured against any losses or risks by our contracted insurance company.

Yes, there some charges, for instance a fee $3 US dollars or Ugx10,000/= shall be charged by AGRIBANKS Limited at the time of opening an account or picking or sending your accumulated profit.

You shall make your claims after one (1) month period of the agreed timeframe has elapsed. As this, one (1) month shall allow us to satisfactorily settle your claims. Or AGRIBANKS Limited shall notify you in case of any loss or risk incurred at the end of the farming season or the timeframe applied for.

Yes, the terms and conditions prescribed inhere are subject to changes. For example, we may, (from time to time) change the terms and conditions of this agreement, such as charges, percentage rate, and timeframe upon notification to you concerning the changes. Changes shall normally arise from changes in government policies, insurance policy cover, market conditions and prices, inflations, changes in the cost of production, changes in legal or other requirements affecting our operation and or for any other good reasons. Most changes shall be enacted and enforced at least fifteen (15) business days after we notify you concerning them to give you enough time to consider whether you wish to continue investing with us or not. We may introduce a charge for any service offered under or in connection with this agreement

Yes, we do not warrant that the products or services and benefits that we provide pursuant to the terms and conditions of this agreement will always run without any interruption. For instance, we may expect some interruptions from natural disasters, including hurricanes, serious earthquakes, floods, insecurity such as internal and external conflicts, wars, and other devastating phenomena that may hinder or slow our operation in the country.

Yes, your application shall be subject to our general process and reviews, which may require you to provide more information on the documents; a) we reserve the right to accept or reject your application.

Yes, we also, reserve the right to reject or terminate your application immediately upon suspicion of any false information or bad conduct or anything that can affect our relationship on opening an account with us or after.

Yes, Agribanks limited reserves the right to terminate your account(s) if a corporation and or mutual relationship is lost.

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