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The Problem- Motivation

We understand that farmers in Uganda face many challenges, including limited access to collateral, limited access to affordable finance due to high-interest rates, lack of collateral security, and limited financial literacy.

Although farmers feed the entire world, less attention is rendered to their cries. Our business is to mobilize and provide affordable agricultural loans and financial advisory support to farmers. We only deal with organized farmers in groups of not less than 3 individuals, and AGRIBANKS becomes a part of the group. 

We welcome anyone to join us on our mission to support communities with funds to invest in agriculture to fight against food insecurity and poverty.

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    For partnership, contact us. Let's hear your ideas. We seek to collaborate with individuals and organizations to eliminate hunger, and improve Household Food Consumption Score and daily nutrition needs. The partnerships arrangement will enable us to contribute towards achieving zero hunger-SDG 2. Together, we can produce enough that matches everyone's nutrient needs.

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