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We Work Through;

  1. Sensitization, public awareness, and training
  2. Teamwork and partnership
  3. Investment in farming and agribusiness

Agricultural Inclusion Approach (AIA)

We understand that eliminating hunger-SDG 2 among households cannot be achieved when the farming is left only for local people, but it requires a joint effort and resources from other sectors. The main goal is to bridge the gap and create a fleet of farmers through AIA to produce enough food. We anticipate that if the majority are directly or indirectly engaged in farming, we can produce enough food that matches everyone’s needs. Most importantly, we also understand the busy schedules, limited expertise, and time constraint among the working class, and people in the diaspora.

To bring everyone on board, AGRIBANKS Ltd is implementing an Agricultural Inclusion Approach that acts as a service vehicle towards achieving Zero Hunger and required nutrients. We define AIA as a means that enables stakeholders from different sectors to engage in farming so as to ensure the production of enough food, availability, accessibility, proper utilization, continuous supply, and food safety in the community.

Why invest in Agriculture with Us?

We define farming as a business, free enterprise, engineering, science, energy, technology, information, health, jobs, and wealth. Agriculture has for so long been abandoned by elites, urban residents, the working-class, youth, and other groups like people in the diaspora on the pretext that they lack sufficient time, required skills, and knowledge. Other people think it’s an activity meant for local people or peasants. These groups find it difficult to participate in the agricultural industry, and yet they have the startup capital and are willing to invest in farming.

It’s just simple. The participants may or may not directly engage in any of the farming activities. In other words, we identify people to form a “Discourse Community" as farmers. More importantly, AIA leverages the power of UNITY to pool resources and achieve a common goal.

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    For partnership, contact us. Let's hear your ideas. We seek to collaborate with individuals and organizations to eliminate hunger, and improve Household Food Consumption Score and daily nutrition needs. The partnerships arrangement will enable us to contribute towards achieving zero hunger-SDG 2. Together, we can produce enough that matches everyone's nutrient needs.

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